Are Social Media Experts Ruining Twitter?

Over at, Michael Pinto laments the volume of social media tweets and tweeple he’s coming across on the popular social network, Twitter. He is frustrated about the constant stream of social media dribble that self-proclaimed social media gurus and experts put forth in their tweets. He says they autofollow and soon have upwards of 5,000 followers and followees alike.

I feel his pain.

However, there’s a simple solution. Don’t follow these people.

Pinto calls the social media gurus a “cancer” to Twitter. If that’s the case, then Pinto should conduct a debulking surgery to remove as much of the tumor in his Twitter stream as possible. Then he should take preventative measures to avoid a recurrence in the future by not following these tweeple in the first place.

In fact, Twitter is nothing like having cancer (believe me!) and more like being in high school (believe me!). Pinto is sitting at the popular kids table and the conversation is shallow. The most popular people on Twittter are determined by vain methods found on grading websites that use things like number of followers as a crucial factor of someone’s Twitter power.

I recommend sitting with the nerds instead. After all, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. And using “auto-follow” to participate on Twitter requires few brain cells indeed.

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