Live Search Offers Tips for Optimizing Large Sites

If you have or work for a large site, search engine optimization can be quite the undertaking. Jeremiah Andrick over at the Live Search Webmaster blog is offering tips for optimizing for their particular engine.

Of course, he has an interesting case to work with:

The first tip he offered up was canonicalization, also known as normalization. This is the concept of only exposing URL per piece of content to the engines.

Next, Live Search addressed some of the optimization problems that can occur due having multiple URLs due to tracking, co-branding, etc.:

  • Add or remove the trailing /
    • to
  • Remove the index or default
    • to
    • to
  • Avoid CamelCase — convert your text to lower case
    • to
  • Remove query string variables or rewrite to readable URLs
    • to
  • Remove Port Numbers
    • to
  • Avoid exposing secure HTTPS version
    • to

Andrick also recommends 301 redirects, using a consistent linking convention, avoiding linking to multiple versions of a page, and using absolute links. To read all of Andricks’ recommendations, click here.

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