YouTube Expands Click-to-Buy

In the neverending quest to monetize YouTube, Google is expanding the popular online video site’s Click-to-Buy e-Commerce platform. Previously available in just the U.S. and U.K., now user in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands can impulsively buy products featured in ads below videos.

The program was launched last October. It certainly wasn’t YouTube’s only attempt at monetizing itself. Sponsored videos were rolled out last year, and music label licensing agreements have been in place since before YouTube was acquired by Google.

Incidentally, those licensing agreements are in jeopardy, with Warner Music opting not to renew their contract and instead attempting to corral other music companies into starting their own Hulu-esque site for music videos.

Meanwhile, YouTube faces additional monetary challenges with various copyright suits, the most famous of which is brought by Viacom.

Still, YouTube is by far the most popular watched online video site. It reached a milestone 100 million unique visitors last October and has recently been giving Yahoo a run for its money when it comes to search market share.

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