Data Privacy Day Exhibit Differences in Approach from Google and Yahoo

When it comes to privacy – and overall service/product offering – there is a big difference in how Google and Yahoo relate to searchers and customers. Google often strikes me as user-centered while Yahoo should seriously consider checking out Bryan Eisenberg’s We-We.

Today is Data Privacy Day and the way Google and Yahoo are commemorating the awareness campaign brings those differences to light even more.

With Yahoo, it seems like they’re for the user. They blogged a bunch of tips that users can do to protect their own data. But Google inserts a different tone: What *they* are doing for users.

Sure, Google shares tips for users, too, but they mix it with showing the great lengths they are going to, to ensure privacy on their end.

Yahoo’s tone, of course, is symptomatic of a greater problem of not putting the user first. They’re lashing out at bloggers for their own rule change in their search marketing service and overestimated themselves in the past year during the Microsoft acquisition attempt.

Of course, there’s a new sheriff in town in Carol Bartz, the new CEO. Let’s hope for Yahoo’s sake that she can create a new tone and remind the purple people that the success of her company depends on putting the user first.

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