Veoh Launches New Version of Site

Veoh has relaunched its site, with a slick look and tons of new features to boot. I must say I really like the look and feel – much better than YouTube. What YouTube has is content due to its large amounts of traffic. If/once people knew about Veoh, they could be a real competitor. But that’s a long way off, if it’s going to happen, simply because of the mammoth size of YouTube’s reputation.

In the meantime, here’s what you can expect with the update:

  • Easier-to-Use Navigation: Major content categories including Movies, TV Shows, Videos, and Indies also give you quick access to sub-categories like Comedy, Anime, SciFi & Fantasy, and more.
  • ‘Browse While Watch’: Easily browse for other videos while you have a video playing.
  • New Video Players: There are several new players on the site. The regular player enables you to browse while watching videos, the ‘Large’ player expands to ‘theater mode’ for viewing, and of course there’s still the full screen view.
  • Save Your Interests: Save shows, collections of videos, categories, and search queries for quick access to the content you want to see. You can also add publishers or users to your interest list. Sign up for a weekly email digest to find out when new videos have been added to your interests.
  • Expanded Recommendations: We’ve made changes that improved the relevancy of our recommendations for every video. Access the improved recommendations right below each player.
  • Embed a Frame of Videos: Embed multiple videos from any category or search result in your blog or website so users can click through to watch any of the videos on In the near future we will enable video playback from the page.
  • Veoh for iPhone: The most popular videos hosted on are now accessible on the iPhone and iTouch – simply type ‘’ into the iPhone’s Safari browser and start watching!
  • Share Videos: Send videos to friends and automatically posting them to FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, and other sites.
  • New Veoh Web Player for Mac: A new version of the Web Player for Macs is now available for Intel-based systems. It is supported on Firefox 3 and Safari 3.

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