Live Search Adds Fourth Mainline Ad Position in the UK

Live Search has added a fourth mainline position for its search ads in the UK. The move comes after getting feedback from their PPC advertisers about wanting more clicks.

Writing on the adCenter blog, Tina Kelleher says, “After listening to your feedback around wanting to generate more clicks for your PPC campaigns on adCenter, we’ve made some enhancements that will not only provide extra ad visibility to help boost incoming traffic, but will also provide an improved layout and better search experience for our users…Results have been positive since the launch, so we’re really excited to roll this out to the UK market.”

Live Search added a fourth mainline in the U.S. last September. It must be working because search was a positive note in an otherwise unfavorable earnings report for Microsoft’s recenetly reported second quarter.

Here’s a screenshot of a search with the 4th ad:


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