Clickable Updates Search Ad Management Tool, Includes Emerging Google Ad Formats

Clickable has released the newest version of their search advertising management tool. The version is Clickable Pro 2.0 and includes:

  • Emerging Google Ad Formats – including Image (banners), Local Business (maps) and Mobile (text and image) – to give marketers more opportunities to connect with their customers. Customers now can add and edit new ad formats right alongside text ads. Clickable is offering this beta functionality for free to Clickable customers so they can experiment and guide Clickable’s development around new advertising formats.
  • Keyword Filter And Bulk Edit to empower agencies and advertisers to quickly search, edit and export high volumes of keywords across all advertising networks and accounts, all at once and with great flexibility. Bulk editing reduces tedious spreadsheet analysis, saves time and reduces errors.
  • Clickable Conversion Tracking, which moves out of beta and into the Clickable interface, enabling advertisers to easily measure ROI with one simple, independent tracking system. This powerful reporting tool also informs Clickable’s ActEngine in real time to deliver campaign recommendations with better return.
  • An Improved ActEngine, including new recommendations to help advertisers more precisely set keyword match types to drive higher quality traffic; properly set up campaigns for content versus search keyword inventory; and optimize long-tail keyword bids. The ActEngine now includes a history of campaign recommendations accepted or ignored; this is the first in a series of enhancements to report results pre- and post-recommendations and drive overall transparency.

“Clickable is transforming search advertising for small to midsize advertisers and agencies on the principle of simplicity,” says David S. Kidder, co-founder and CEO of Clickable. “We’ll continue to rapidly release meaningful product iterations that cultivate best practices, save time and drive performance and profitability. In this down economy, our promise is to help advertisers’ drive better results in less time, and constantly improve.”

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