UK Media and SEO Blogs are Buzzing about SES London

If you are on the brink of the verge of the edge of going to SES London 2009 next week, check out the buzz in the UK Media and SEO blogs about next week’s must-attend event, which will be held at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, from Feb. 17 to Feb. 20.

Greg%20Jarboe%20with%20David%20Naylor%20at%20SES%20London%202008.jpg Kevin Gibbons of SEOoptimize has written a quick post entitled, “5 reasons to attend SES London 2009,” about why this is “one of the search conferences you should definitely consider attending this year.”

And read Duncan Bloor’s post, “Search Engine Strategies London ’09,” in CutTheMustard. He writes, “Apart from a lack of American buzz and razzamataz, the UK show is set to impress with substantial speakers and details released yesterday of an SEO ’round table’ event on day two where businesses, SEO’ers and anyone else with a vested interest in ranking highly on the search engines can access industry leaders thoughts and opinions.” Don’t worry, Duncan. American buzz and razzamataz is on the way.

Microsoft Advertising’s Mel Carson conducted an interview of Matt McGowan from Search Engine Strategies for Media Week’s DigiTales Blog. There’s even an incentive for reading the interview in these lean economic times. Hint, hint. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Or, check out Kasumi DeMarco’s “Amanda Watlington Interview for SES London 2009” in Kasumi’s sexy SEO blog. Although Kasumi started blogging on the theme “sex sells,” she’s discovered that Search Engine Optimisation helps you get noticed, too. Who knew?

And Lyndon Antcliff (aka Lyndoman) will be covering SES London 2009 this year for He writes, “My intention is to interview interesting people and get them to say interesting things. I will use my trusty mp3 recorder and microphone to squeeze juicy comments out of attendees. Mostly I am interested in the theme of how social media marketing is changing the online marketing world.”

Next, read Bas van den Beld ‘s post in, entitled, “Exclusive: SES opens its doors in Amsterdam.” Yes, SES Amsterdam will be held for the first time. Nevertheless, the Searchcowboys will also be covering SES London 2009 as well as informing attendees, speakers, and exhibitors about their event in Holland on March 16 and 17, 2009.

And now for something completely different
.The Yanks are coming! (I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that one before.)

Read Virginia Nussey’s “Six Questions with Greg Jarboe” on the SEO Blog. Virginia twists my arm and gets me to divulge the SES London sessions that I don’t want to miss. She also tricks me into revealing where people can catch up with me. Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

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