Cisco Projects Mobile Traffic Growth to Grow 131% by 2013

Cisco has released the results from its Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Forecast for 2008-2013. It projects mobile traffic to grow 131% by 2013.

Most of that traffic will be for video. By 2013, 64% of mobile traffic will be video. Mobile video will grow 150% between 2008 and 2013.

More data from the forecast:

  • Mobile broadband handsets with higher than 3G speeds and laptop air or data cards will constitute more than 80 percent of global mobile traffic by 2013.
  • Latin America will have the strongest mobile growth at 166 percent CAGR, followed by the Asia-Pacific region at 146 percent.
  • Asia-Pacific will account for one-third of all mobile data traffic by 2013.
  • Global mobile traffic will exceed two exabytes per month by 2013.
  • Global mobile data traffic reached one exabyte per month in half the time that fixed data traffic did.

“More personalized services and applications are becoming available on a wide range of devices. The key to success will be delivering video-rich any-play services to users, enabling them to move freely throughout the world while maintaining connectivity to others,” said Kelly Ahuja, senior vice president, service provider routing technology group, Cisco. “As a result, service providers will have to take into account the need not only for more bandwidth when planning their network architecture but for greater network intelligence as well.”

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