How to Go Viral on Twitter: The Science of ReTweeting

Dan Zarrella has been studying one of the most crucial aspects of Twitter: the ReTweet. This is when Twitterers repost something that another Twitterer has posted in their stream. Zarrella’s findings can help you go viral on Twitter.

One of the most important findings is a basic marketing method that has been used across channels: the call to action. Tweets that flat-out ask for a ReTweet are more likely to, you guessed it, get ReTweeted.

So what’s most likely to get ReTweeted? Freebies, lists, blog posts and meta Tweets (i.e. Tweets about Twitter).

Another interesting statistic is who is more likely to be ReTweeted. The most Tweeted users are:

1. StatSheet (1515.92)
2. yrtv (420.244)
3. MacHeist (386.29)
4. kshashi (313.207)
5. abcinnercircle (273.789)

If you can get a highly ReTweeted user to post something about you, then you’re more likely to go viral on Twitter.

(Of course, like pitching bloggers, you’ll have to be extremely delicate – covert, really – in how you go about doing this. You’ll need to strike a relationship and offer something of value that will benefit the Twitter user.)

Last but not least are two final tips. If you want a ReTweet, include a link in your original Tweet. 65 percent of ReTweets include a link. Also, post those original Tweets during regular business hours. Most ReTweets occur between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., peaking in the afternoon at around 3 pm ET.

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