Microsoft Research Introduces Search Projects at TechFest

Microsoft Research introduced search projects at its annual TechFest in Redmond, Washington. If you’re not aware, TechFest is an event where Microsoft employees share research and ideas for technological progress via computing.

The search ideas put forth include:

  • Geolife 2.0 – a GPS-data-driven social network on Microsoft Virtual Earth
  • Opinion Search – collecting, storing and organizing opinion data such as user reviews to help searchers more easily make informed purchase decisions
  • Renifang, Web Scale Entity Summarization – a web-mining summarization system that extracts information about particular entities (such as a person or product) from billions of Web pages to reduce the number of pages a searcher has to comb through to find the information they are looking for.
  • Color-Structured Image Search – a new image search interface that uses rough color layouts to indicate searchers’ intent (instead of using keywords only)

These projects were introduced by the Research team and are not (yet?) part of Live Search.

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