Live Search to Get New Brand, Features

Major hat tip to for gathering the bits and pieces coming out about Live Search’s new brand and features. It seems a Microsoft exec leaked a Tweet (later taken down) about playing with a pre-beta version of the new Live Search. (Live Side got a screenshot of the Tweet before it was taken down.)

Karen Young at MVP tweeted that Steve Ballmer will discuss the Live Search update this Wednesday at the MVP Summit.

Perhaps then we’ll know if tests that people have been noticing – from search history to an image pager to a new font – will be included in the beta version.

In the meantime, Live Side says the possible new name for the rebrand is which they say means cloud or spider in Japanese.Is Kumo a good enough word to use as a verb?

One of the reasons Google’s brand is so strong is because people say that they Google things. Just the other week at the Academy Awards, Adrien Brody talked about what happens if you “Google Richard Jenkins.”

Would you Kumo Richard Jenkins? Maybe. It all really depends on the search results, me thinks.

But what do YOU think? Let us know in the comments.

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