Google’s Kaushik Says Measuring Clicks Is For Idiots, Bounce Rates Are It

It seems to be denigrate users week at Google. CEO Eric Schmidt called Twitter a “poor man’s email”, now the company’s analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik has called website owners who use clicks or hits as measurement idiots.

Speaking at a keynote address at a conference hosted by the Magazine Publishers of America trade association on Tuesday, Kaushik said HITS stood for “How Idiots Track Success” to him, MediaPost reported.

Interestingly his belief that bounce rates should be of major attention could be a tip of the hand in its prominence in the search algorithm.

“What does a high bounce rate tell you? Visitors are effectively saying, “I came, I puked, I left,” said Kaushik, MediaPost reported.

Has Google gotten so jaded that it no longer cares about the users? It may be time to reassess their position in the world and the ability these “idiots” have to go to another source for their information – after all they do not create the information they just gather it. What happens when the “Trust Rank” they place so much stock in turns on them because of such comments?

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