AOL’s Platform-A Launches in Canada

AOL’s advertising arm, Platform-A has extended its offerings to Canada. The launch combines networks already available in Canada, such as, which AOL owns. Platform-A will reach 22.5 million unique visitors a month in Canada, which is 93% of the online audience.

“Today’s launch enables advertisers to leverage the strong Canadian presence established by the AOL Canada properties and popular niche sites, such as Engadget and from AOL’s MediaGlow publishing unit, which reach more than 10 million Canadians monthly,* in order to reach a highly engaged audience of online consumers,” said James Prudhomme, Senior Director, Platform-A Canada. “With the scale and reach of our network, Platform-A Canada offers a cost-effective way for marketers to reach their targeted audiences at scale through the delivery of highly engaging and effective advertising for maximum value and results, which is crucial in today’s economic environment.”

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