Guy Kawasaki says Twitter is Marketing Weapon in SES Webcast

Guy Kawasaki and Matt McGowan just finished their SES Webcast. More than 500 people registered to hear them talk about Kawasaki’s new book, “Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition.”

Guy Kawasaki.jpg But most of the 60 questions during Q&A were about “Twitter As A Tool For Social Media,” which is the subject of Kawasaki’s opening keynote at SES New York on Tuesday, March24, 2009.

Here are just some of the realtime results on Twitter for Kawasaki’s SES Webcast:

kandeezie: @la_panique It’s just that there are so many on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki that use it well…at least follow a few more people…

ByronG: Best takeaway from Guy Kawasaki webcast: Use TwitterHawk to generate specific search conditions!

Vanessa_Bright: All top – – an “online magazine rack” of popular topics (including marketing) – from webinar with Guy Kawasaki

markivey: guy kawasaki:3 people tweeting 5-10 Tweets/day, “the rest is me.” His resources: Alltop Science, Psy, marketing, most popular;stumbleupon

shonali: I’ve never heard Guy Kawasaki speak before, so that was the most interesting part of #sesguycast for me. He can get snarky, eh?

jyo_ca: wow – this is like mini Twitter U with Prof Guy Kawasaki – very practical, useful stuff

inflatemouse: Guy Kawasaki thinks you should have to pay for Twitter like SMS. #idisagree

ohltweets: getting a little chuckle out of guy kawasaki on twitter. #sesguycast

johnsantangelo: listing to guy kawasaki. love his response to that dumbass question

GregLiveBrand: Watching a Guy Kawasaki video… this is awesome!

patratu: guy kawasaki :use twitter to aggregate coverage on your brand – “online magazine rack” on topics of interest

kirkhateswork: Listening to Guy Kawasaki on SES speaking about twitter, “The only other way to reach thousands of people directly are super bowl ads” $$$

tezindenver: listening to Guy Kawasaki streamed from Search Engine Strategies Conf. guykawasaki

lookadoo: Guy Kawasaki says, “Twitter is a great marketing weapon to reach thousands, millions of people absolutely free.”

AuldHouse: reading the Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki. Thinking of making my personal mantra the same for AuldHouse….Teach, Learn, Cause Trouble.

The Guy Kawasaki SES Webcast was recorded and will be posted at These search engine marketing (SEM) and interactive marketing and advertising webcasts are FREE and available for up to 3 months On Demand.

Since only a handful of people with questions had the opportunity to get answers during the 60-minute SES Webcast, we’re going to try to get answers and post them on the Search Marketing News Blog here on Search Engine Watch. Nevertheless, based on today’s event, I expect that the Q&A after Kawasaki’s opening keynote at SES New York will also be very active.

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