CitySquares Tweaks Their Search (and Rocks Online Reputation Management in the Process!)

Last week CitySquares announced the expansion of their local search to all 50 states. In my coverage of the announcement, I noticed that typing in my hometown of Raleigh brought up no results.

CitySquares Lead Developer Michael LeBarron noticed the post and commented on the blog that indeed Raleigh was included in the expansion.

I emailed him privately to tell him how I was conducting the search. It turns out that CitySquares recognized “Raleigh, NC,” but I was typing in just “Raleigh.” For whatever reason, the search didn’t recognize the city without the state.

Michael went to work on it, and by Friday I had an email in my inbox saying the fix was complete. I tried it out this morning and wow – what a fix!

Now, when I search for Raleigh, CitySquares smartly asks me which Raleigh I, in fact, am searching for:


Incidentally, this is a fantastic example of a brand listening to the conversation about them online. Not only did CitySquares engage in the conversation, they made a change to their product that benefits everyone.

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