LinkedIn Rolls Out Update to DirectAds

LinkedIn has experienced great success not only as a social network for career professionals but also in their monetization, normally a struggle for social sites. One of their advertising avenues is DirectAds and this week they’re rolling out an update to the program.

Over at the LinkedIn blog, Senior Product Manager Jack Chau explained three of the enhancements included in the update:

  • Access to a global audience Now you can target professionals from Australia, Canada, India, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The US was already available.
  • More pricing options for more cost-effective advertising Pay-per-click has been added as an option, and cost per impression (CPM) will still remain an option.
  • Easier payments for DirectAds Advertisers won’t be charged until after they have a clear picture on the CPM or the cost per click (CPC) for their ads.

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