Waggener Edstrom Releases Twitter Monitoring Tool: Twendz

Earlier this week, Waggener Edstrom released a beta version of a conversation-monitoring device specialized for Twitter, called “Twendz.”

According to a story in PR Week, “Twendz” evaluates up to 70 Twitter microblog posts, or Tweets, at once, and compares them to a database of words associated with positive or negative sentiments. The tool then rates the overall tone of messages as they apply to companies, individuals, or products, according to a company statement.

There is no release date set for a final version.

Appropriately, Waggener Edstrom unveiled the product on its Twitter account. Although there are a number of third-party Twitter management systems such as Tweetdeck, it appears that this tool offers analysis of conversations as well as the ability to manage Twitter feeds in easy-to-read formats.

Check it out.

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