AOL Completes Platform-A Transformation from DoubleClick to ADTECH

AOL has announced the completion of transitioning from providing offerings via DoubleClick to providing full service offerings via ADTECH. AOL acquired ADTECH in 2007. DoubleClick was acquired by Google last year, after the European Union approved the merger. Google owns a 5% stake in AOL and Google Sr. VP Tim Armstrong was recently tapped to be AOL’s CEO. Platform-A reaches 91% of the U.S. internet audience.

“The ad serving switch from DoubleClick to ADTECH is a major milestone for Platform-A and our advertising partners. Acquiring ADTECH was a smart, strategic move that saves the company millions of dollars each year and allows us to more effectively serve display, video, and mobile campaigns across the MediaGlow properties and our third-party networks,” said Greg Coleman, President of Platform-A. “In January, Platform-A reached more than 174 million unique visitors*, and now that we’ve switched our ad serving to ADTECH, we’re in a stronger position to help advertisers reach those consumers more efficiently and build brands that perform online.”

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