adCenter Releases New Conversion Tracking Options

Microsoft’s adCenter has released new converstion tracking options. They are, according to the adCenter blog:

  • Count One Conversion Per Click: adCenter will only count the first conversion to occur after the click. Any subsequent conversions will not be counted unless they originate from a new click.
  • Count One Conversion Per Unique URL: Under this mode, your site will “tell” us when a new conversion event has taken place. This allows you to synchronize adCenter’s conversion counts very closely to your own system. To take advantage of this method, you will need to be able to update your site to generate a unique transaction code to represent the conversion. This is a more complicated option for some advertisers, but it can deliver better results.
  • Count All: Some advertisers want all of the events to be reported, and they already have sites that are designed to eliminate repeat-visit problems. This option ensures that all conversion events are reported.

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