The KGB is Available to Answer Your Questions (Via Text Search)

I have the tv on in the background while I blog from the comfort of my North Carolina home, and happened to catch a commercial advertising the KGB.

WHAT!?!?!?! I’ve seen enough spy shows to know that the KGB are Russian spies.

Well not anymore. The KGB has apparently changed its mission to providing a text search service. The U.S. number is 542542, which is quite close to rival text search company Cha Cha’s number of 242242.

I like text search services because someone else does the searching while I go on with my business. Cha Cha usually takes about 5-6 minutes to return an answer. So, I decided to test it out….

99 Cents per answer? In addition to text messaging rates? I can tell I won’t be using this service often. But let’s see how they do, and how they stack up against Cha Cha and Google’s Text Service. I asked each of the services the same question:

“Which team has won the most men’s NCAA basketball championships?”

KGB took 15 minutes to answer.



With Cha Cha, I get an answer in 19 minutes, which surprises me. In the past, I’ve gotten answers as quickly as 5-6 minutes. (I also realize that they’ve adding advertising to their text search. Notice the Walmart ad. I was wondering how they’d monetize.)


Google Text Search is a non-starter. Check this out:


With mobile internet on the rise, it’s nice to see some good competition in the text search space, especially since Google doesn’t appear poised to play.

In the meantime, it’s entertaining to see what other mobile users are asking via text, which you can learn on the homepages of and



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