Google Launches YouTube App for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 Phones

When the iPhone launched in the summer of 2007 (and a year before the iPhone app store was launched), one of the highlights was that it came standard with a YouTube application. Then, of course, when T-Mobile made the Android-powered G1 available, YouTube was accessible by those mobile users as well. Now, more users of even more phones are getting the ability to experience a YouTube application.

Phones using the Windows Mobile operating system can now download the YouTube mobile app. Additionally, phones in the Nokia S60 series can get the app. A list of the included phones can be found here.

Here’s what else to expect, per the Official Google blog:

  • Speed: Faster application start-up, searching, and video loading. For even quicker access, add the application icon to your phone’s home screen.
  • Video quality: The application automatically detects your device and network capabilities, and selects the highest available stream quality based on those. Videos will look sharper and sound clearer than ever.
  • WiFi: Improved streaming over WiFi to support a wider range of networks.
  • More robust streaming: Improved buffering ensures that videos will play even in weak coverage areas.
  • Easy video viewing: Once installed, no configuration is required outside of the application. We’ve worked really hard to make video playback “just work”.

Here’s a video showing off the YouTube app:

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