Big Stories from Day 3 of SES New York 2009

There were just as many big stories on Day 3 of SES New York 2009 as there were on the first two days of the event. Since I took the Acela back to Boston last night, I’m only getting around to reporting on them this morning.

John Gerzema at SES New York 2009.jpg The big story was the morning keynote by John Gerzema, Chief Insights Officer at Young & Rubicam Group and author of “The Brand Bubble.” In her post, “Morning Keynote: John Gerzema,” Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media wrote, “John starts off. Marketing is your way out of the recession. In 2008, there was a credit crisis that shook the world to its core. Now we’re seeing a confidence crisis.”

Another one of the big stories was “Tips for Better Business Blogging – SES New York” by Lee Odden of TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog. Before covering the session, Odden observed, “SES New York did pretty well considering many conferences are feeling the effects of business budget cuts. Publisher and VP Matt McGown stated that over 5,000 people attended 2009 SES New York.”

Among the big stories was “Search Goes Global,” by Kevin Ryan of Search Engine Watch. According to Ryan, “As if people didn’t have enough issues with communicating, extending a search initiative beyond the borders of the United States represents its own unique challenges, not the least of which is that it looks easier than it is.”

Another big story was “Where Social Media Fits Into the SEO Equation,” by Chris Crum of WebProNews. According to Crum, “I thought it would be interesting to explore social media and how it relates directly to search engine optimization. I sent a couple of questions to several online marketing experts to get their thoughts on the subject.”

Another one of the big stories was “HuffPo Blogger Brad Balfour Dishes on News Search Optimization from a Journalist’s Perspective,” an interview of Brad Balfour of the Huffington Post and BMB Media by John Mulligan of SEO-PR. Balfour discusses his own experiences blogging for the Huffington Post and the optimization strategies he has deployed in the search and social realms.

HuffPo Blogger Brad Balfour Dishes on News Search Optimization from a Journalist’s Perspective

One of the other big stories was “Ads All Up In Yo Facebook @ SES New York” by Manny Rivas of the aimClear Search Marketing Blog. Rivas asks, “Why is Facebook so attractive to advertisers? Users are sharing personal information that make efficiently targeting a particular audience simple. BOOYA!”

Another big story was “SEO: Where to Next? At SES NY” by Brian Cosgrove of Search Marketing Gurus. Cosgrove reported, “On Day 1 of SES New York, the Where to Next panel was among the first in the track portion of the show. As you will read, the session was a conversation that migrated from topic to topic in fairly nonlinear path.”

Another big story was “News Search SEO” by Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay’s SEO Blog. According to Nussey, “Off to the organic track for some news and SEO learning.”

Yet another one of the other big stories was “Twitter Influence – Guy Kawasaki at SES NYC” by Sally Falkow of Social Media Today. According to Falkow, “On Day one of SES New York Guy Kawasaki’s keynote certainly stirred the audience and caused a flurry of tweets on Twitter.”

The final big story is “SES NY: Mysteries of Online Video Revealed,” an interview by Mike McDonald of the WebProNews Video Blog with, ah, me. According to McDonald, “Why is video so hot right now? According to Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, the reason people are creating videos right now is because so many other people are as well. It is simply a chain reaction.”

SES NY: Mysteries of Online Video Revealed

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