AdMob Tests Automatic Pricing Adjustments

Mobile advertising network AdMob is testing automatic pricing adjustments which they will make their customers’ jobs easier. The idea is that automatic pricing will help lower maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bids and reward publishers that deliver higher value clicks.

AdMob says take into account the following during the test:

  • Advertiser bid
  • Competition across the network
  • The type of site on which the ad was served
  • Value of an ad impression to advertisers

If their attempt at weeding out inefficiencies is productive, it will be a good thing. While “>AdMob is great at getting ads out and clicked on, the value of those clicks remains questionable.

Many have used AdMob ads for iPhone advertising, but it’s all too easy to accidentally click on the ads when, say, playing a game. It’s not click fraud but it’s not a legitimate click either.

Kudos to AdMob for working on the problem and we’ll watch the space closely to see what develops.

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