Yield Software Launches Search Marketing Suite

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with the guys from Yield Software about their brand spankin’ new search marketing software that they’re launching today. It’s called the Yield Web Marketing Suite and it automates several tedious search marketing tasks into one.

There are 3 components to the suite:

  • SEO – The software will scan your web page, run library of best practices, monitor what’s happening with search engines, and offer analysis. But don’t expect any sketchy recommendations. It’s only white hat here, folks.
  • Paid Search – Yield offers automated bid management for the big three search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. You can view all of your campaigns in a single place. The software also offers keyword optimization.
  • Landing Page Optimization – You can use Yield to help create multivariate experiments. If it sounds intimidating, don’t freak out – there are step by step instructions to help. You can also have it automatically display the most successful version to increase conversions.

Yield offers month-to-month contracts that start at $129. The software is web-based so you don’t have to worry about downloading or installation.

Best part? You can try it free for 30 days. The Yield team gave me a demo and the software looks slick and user-friendly.

What do you think of Yield’s Web Marketing Suite? Demo the software and then head back here and give your review in the comments.

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