Is Your IT Department the Department of SEO Prevention?

Although I conducted this interview with Jill Whalen, the CEO of HighRankings, in February at SES London 2009, I’ve been saving it for April Fool’s Day. Why? Because we talk about the IT Department, which is often called the Department of SEO Prevention in many organizations.

One of my tips to get the IT folks on board with that an SEO consultant recommends and your organization needs to make is to buy pizza for everyone who claims to be too busy to implement them. Check out some of the other practical advice that Whalen shares in what has become an ongoing mission of hers.

Jill Whalen, HighRankings, on building better relationships between marketing and IT

By the way, High Rankings is offering new intermediate-advanced 1/2 day SEO workshops on April 2 and 3, 2009, in Framingham, MA. One is on keyword research, another on SEO copywriting, a third on social media marketing, and the fourth is about web analytics.

If you tell Jill that you’re from the IT Department, you could get a slice of pizza. Then again, this could be an April Fool’s joke that I just made up and all you’ll get is an in-depth website marketing workshop.

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