Amber Naslund of Radian6 on Social Media for the Little Guy

One of the sessions at SES New York that I had to attend was “Small Voices, Big Impact: Social Media for the Little Guy.”

Why did I have to attend? Well, Amber Naslund, the Director of Community for Radian6, was on the panel and I was afraid that she’d spill the beans about how Radian6 gives you a complete platform to track millions of blogs, tweets, videos, and comments.

It’s one of my “secret weapons.”

But she was so intent on helping helping small companies with even smaller budgets freely tap the world of social media to improve their business and increase sales that she almost didn’t mention what company she was from.

I should have been selfish and let her keep my “secret weapon” secret. But, when we got to Q&A I had to ask her about Radian6 — because it’s too good a product to keep under wraps.

We’ve been using it to track the surprising relationships between people who use blogs, video sharing sites (YouTube), photo sharing sites (Flickr) and microblogging sites (Twitter) as well as Social networking sites (Facebook). What continually amazes me is how frequently the person who Tweets this morning is blogging about the same topic this afternoon and then uploading a video about the subject tomorrow.

If you use different tools to track each of these social media, then you will often miss the connections.

To illustrate this point, I interviewed Naslund after the session, have embedded the video interview below and will Tweet about in a minute. Get it? Got it? Good.

Amber Naslund, Radian6, on the importance of social media for small businesses at SES New York

At Radian6, Naslund is responsible for client engagement, community building, and helping companies tap the potential of online reputation management, customer engagement, and social media monitoring. She’s spent the last decade or so raising over $60m for non-profit organizations, building brands for companies large and small, and messing with all things online.

Naslund blogs at Altitude Branding, focusing on brand building and social media marketing for business. She’s also an author of Radian6’s PowerShift blog, where she’s just posted a great story about Southwest Airlines, an old client of mine. And she is a contributor to the popular MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog, and she keeps her personal blog at Innacurate Reality.

Oh, and if you contact Naslund, you’ll discover that she’s is passionate about helping companies and customers build and share brands, together. Yes, yes. That’s wonderful. But, ask her to give you a demo of Radian6. If you don’t see the product, you’ll be missing one of the marketing tools that should be in your social media toolkit.

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