Yahoo! Music’s Re-Launched Artist PagesCompete with MySpace, iLike

Yahoo! Music has re-launched their Artist Pages with a focus on customization. The result is what appears to be an attempt to compete with MySpace and iLike.

While MySpace may be losing traction as a general social network to Facebook, it still retains its roots as a great marketing resource for recording artists, both signed and independent.

Unlike MySpace and Yahoo, iLike’s focus is purely about music. However, their reach is thus far nowhere near that of MySpace or Yahoo!

Unfortunately, Yahoo! is off to a cluttered start. Their page is not user-friendly with ads and boxes running together. To be fair, most of the pages haven’t been customized yet. But I would expect the basis from which to start to be a little cleaner. I understand the need to monetize these pages with ads, but if they’re too frustrating to look at, profits won’t come.

Here are screenshots comparing the pages of Yahoo! Music, iLike and MySpace for the band Addison Road:




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