Google AdWords to Update Conversion Metrics in New Interface

Google AdWords has slowly been rolling out and expanding the beta version of their new interface. Now with the beta interface is coming a new way to view conversions.

Currently, the AdWords interface only shows 1-per-click conversions. In other words, if a customer clicks on your ad and makes a purchase one day, then returns another day without clicking on the ad, only one conversion is counted. In coming months, the new interface will offer two ways to look at such conversions:

  • “Conversions” columns are now labeled Conversions (1-per-click)
  • “Transactions” columns are now called Conversions (many-per-click)

The many per click can count that next sale that doesn’t come through the ad. It can also count a non-sale conversion such as a newsletter signup.

The new interface isn’t the only AdWords tool getting the new conversion metric definitions. Over time, AdWords Editor and the AdWords API will get the metrics as well.

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