Taps Anchor Intelligence for Click Fraud Reduction has selected Anchor Intelligence to assist in reducing click fraud. Anchor Intelligence says it uses network security intelligence to identify fraud. Such methods include spam traps, honeypots, and stealth servers.

“Superior quality, optimal performance, and enhanced security are fundamental to the brand and search experience,” said Mark Stockford, CIO, “Through our partnership with Anchor Intelligence, can further apply these fundamental priorities to the experience of our advertising customers. This move demonstrates’s commitment to providing advertisers across the marketplace with the most valuable, impactful, and reliable advertising traffic available online.”

Anchor Intelligence’s real-time traffic scoring system, ClearMark, classifies traffic according to quality, which they say enables ad networks and search engines to provide the maximum value for each click.

“Investing in third-party solutions like ClearMark is a necessary next step for search engines and ad networks looking to retain and grow advertising spend during a time when advertisers are demanding better performance,” said Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence. “Marketers need to show high returns on their advertising investments, and ClearMark gives search engines the insights needed to make that happen. By selecting Anchor Intelligence, has taken that groundbreaking next step to protect its advertisers and their investments online.”

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