No Need to Freak Out Over Google Analytics Suddenly Disappearing

Last week, there were reports swirling the internet about how many of the top 10,000 sites would soon lose their Google Analytics reporting because they were using outdated code. Not surprisingly, this was just a rumor.

Here are the facts:

1. Google does indeed have updated Google Analytics code, called ga.js.
2. The new code has been installed on all new accounts for about a year.
3. There are no plans to retire the old code, Urchin.js anytime soon.
4. When Urchin.js is finally laid to rest, site owners and developers will be given plenty of notice.

Google did take the opportunity to point out why it may be advantageous to upgrade to the new code, in case you still have urchin.js installed. Those reasons are:

  • Faster, smaller source file
  • Automatic detection of HTTPS
  • Increased namespace safety
  • More convenient set up for tracking e-commerce transactions
  • More customizable code for interactive Ajax-based sites
  • Ability to take advantage of the most up-to-date tracking functionality as it is added to Google Analytics

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