NCAA Says Facebook Fan Groups Violate Recruiting Policies

The NCAA has said that Facebook groups set up by college students to woo high school student athletes violate their recruiting policies. It’s against the rules for fans to recruit players, and the NCAA says these groups do just that.

NC State sent a cease-and-desist letter to freshman Taylor Moseley to shut down a group that wants to see high school basketball star John Wall pick the Wolfpack as his college team next fall.

Still, several groups remain all wanting Wall to play for their team.

But are these groups truly recruiting? They aren’t commissioned by athletic departments. Are fans truly not allowed to express their hope that an athlete would choose their school?

It’s understandable that schools shouldn’t be allowed to send fans to recruit. Then you would see all sorts of corruption from wealthy alumni sending expensive gifts to well, other types of “favors.” It’s not a stretch to think these offers could be made by fans of Facebook, who have no association with the official recruiting process.

But can the NCAA really stop the speeding train that is Facebook? Or should they update their rules to fit the times? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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