Digg Tweaks DiggBar Again in Response to Continued SEO Criticism

Despite Digg’s attempt last week to defend the DiggBar, many SEO’s are still upset about the URL shortening and potential for reducing link juice.

In response, Digg’s next move is to 301 redirect anyone who comes across a page with a DiggBar on it – IF they are not signed into Digg.

Digg users can also disable the bar, though Digg says very few have.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this won’t appease SEO’s. This almost feels like an admission by Digg that perhaps their DiggBar isn’t quite as SEO-friendly as they hoped.

I can see both sides. On the one hand, Digg is trying to improve its bookmarking by allowing people to view the bookmarked sites instead of just going along Digg and voting based on headlines.

On the other hand, this isn’t a traditional URL shortening service that, when the page is loaded, kills the URL and displays the page in all of its original glory.

Still, many people like to share links where you can vote a link up or down on Digg. The DiggBar is a new way to do it. Should Digg really have to strip away the DiggBar?

Does Digg’s tweak help you like the DiggBar any more? Take it to the comments!

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