The Polls are Open for Facebook Governance Voting

In February, Facebook changed its Terms of Service to reflect a very technical change about the way they stored data. The idea was to allow content shared among users to be stored multiple times in order to not have that content removed from one user sharing the content should the other delete their Facebook account.

Somehow, in the “wisdom of the masses,” this all got turned around to get most people thinking Facebook was trying to claim user-generated content as its own.

Facebook caved and returned to the old Terms of Service. They also requested feedback and said they would let users vote on the new Terms of Service, which has now been broken down into two policies: “Facebook Principles,” which defines the rights of members. The second is a “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

Well, now the voting has begun and will run through April 23rd. That gives you almost 2 weeks to make your voice heard.

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