Google Adds Like-Image Search and News Timeline to Labs

Google employees get 20% of their time to work on non-assigned projects. Sometimes when they do, the result is some pretty cool stuff that Google adds to its products.

This time, Google has announced that two 20% projects have made their way into Google Labs (aka Google’s experimental playground). The two projects are “Similar Images” and “Google News Timeline.”

Last week, we brought you word that Google News had introduced a “Timeline of Articles.” This new timeline that’s launching in Labs is different.

The Labs timeline looks like a calendar with a bunch of news stories. An on-site scrollbar helps users find more stories for a given day:


Meanwhile, Similar Images does pretty much what the name implies. Start off by searching for an image. In this case, I typed in the name of one of my favorite shows on TV, Chuck (starring Zachary Levi, don’t cancel it, NBC, don’t!):


In the results, I look for an image I’m interested in and click the blue link underneath that says “Similar Images”


As you can see, the results are really good!


You may remember that recently the official Google Image search recently added a color filter. It works quite good as well. It’s nice to see these advances in image search from the Google team.

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