Thursdays Become “Must Browse While Watching TV” Nights

Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) has released data showing the level of multitasking taking place when people watch television – specifically how much they are watching TV and surfing the ‘net at the same time.

During weeknight television viewing (Sunday-Thursday)…

  • Viewers spent an average of 9.3 percent of primetime viewing minutes also online
  • The breakdown between cable and broadcast television was 8.2 percent and 11.0 percent, respectively
  • Time spent watching broadcast television while surfing the Web more than doubles as the week progresses
  • 5.8% of primetime media minutes are also spent concurrently on the web on Monday, the low for the week, while Thursday is the highets at 15.9%

“This trend of going online while watching primetime television represents a significant opportunity for advertisers who want to target viewers with a message to visit content online,” said Matt Reid, director of strategic initiatives for Integrated Media Measurement Inc. “The landscape is moving at a steady pace from multiplatform advertising to simultaneous multiplatform advertising.”

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