Microsoft to Bring Tellme to Windows Mobile Phones

Microsoft is bringing Tellme, a voice service it acquired a couple years ago, to Windows Mobile phones. Tellme will enable voice search as well as voice commands for the phones it’s used on.

Here are examples of how you’ll be able to use Tellme:

  • Send a text by saying “text” to open a text box, then speak the text message and say “send” to send it to anyone in their contact list
  • Initiate a call simply by saying “call” and then the name of anyone in their contact list
  • Search the Web with Microsoft Live Search by speaking your request, such as “weather in San Francisco, California,” “pizza in Kansas City,” “movies” or “Mother’s Day gift ideas”

“Because it’s so intuitive, we believe there is a real opportunity for voice to materialize as the leading user interface for the phone,” said Dariusz Packzuski, senior director of consumer services at Tellme. “By bringing voice access to calling, texting and searching, together we reduce ‘menu surfing’ on phones and make the benefits of voice more tangible for everyday needs.”

Microsoft is hoping this is part of the equation to ultimately beat the iPhone. Part of their push with Tellme is to point out that pushing one button and speaking is easier than typing 20 keystrokes.

What do you think of Tellme being rolled out to Windows Mobile phones?

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