DoubleClick Launches Rich Media Creation Tool for Agencies

DoubleClick, an online ad network acquired by Google, has launched a new rich media creation tool. The tool, dubbed DoubleClick Studio, is available to creative and media agencies.

For creative agencies, DoubleClick Studio is designed to:

  • Produce traffic-ready ads quickly
  • Provide organization via a single place to manage rich media ads
  • Output high-quality ad units using drag-and-drop Flash components (and/or APIs for advanced users)

For media agencies, DoubleClick Studio is designed to:

  • Save trafficking time by having new and updated creatives pushed directly to DART
  • Save time creating preview links by allowing creative agencies to do this on their own
  • Get tighter control and insight into custom metrics through an enhanced creative preview system

Here’s an intro video for the tool.

Will you be trying out DoubleClick Studio? Let us know in the comments below.

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