Microsoft Integrates Photosynth with Virtual Earth

Last year, Microsoft introduced Photosynth, which creates 3D images by using multiple images “stitched” together. A few months later, Photosynth search was enabled via Live Maps. Now, Microsoft is integrating the product to its Virtual Earth. Microsoft sees the potential for the union in the following ways:

  • Real estate. Showing homebuyers the inside and outside of properties with interactive views
  • Tourism and hospitality. Giving an early 3-D and interactive view of hotels, resorts or cities
  • Retail. Enabling customers to see the insides of branches and stores, and browse products in great detail
  • Media and entertainment. Allowing media companies to create and share visual projects in a controlled environment, and build compelling campaigns and programs with new media
  • Public sector. Giving citizens rich detail on public services, buildings, land use and more
  • Internal business use. Using unlisted synths for location-based information, such as insurance risk assessment and claim processing

“The integration of Microsoft Photosynth into Virtual Earth marks an important step in enabling businesses to use Photosynth in a relevant, customer-friendly way,” said Jeff Kelisky, general manager, Mapping and Local Search at Microsoft. “With the integrated capabilities of Photosynth and recently added Silverlight API, our Virtual Earth partners have great tools for creating, sharing, viewing and embedding synths across multiple platforms, and building engaging experiences.”

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