Twelve bloggers blogging about SES Toronto 2009

I know, the above headline above looks like a parody of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and it’s only May! But I’ve seen a dozen bloggers blogging about SES Toronto, which will be held June 8-10, 2009, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. So, I can’t get the song out of my head.

Maybe if I focus on what they’re writing about, then I won’t slip into “11 tweeters tweeting….”

Andrew Goodman at SES London 2009.jpg It all started innocently enough when Andrew Goodman wrote, “My Top Three Tips for SES Toronto 2009.” See, when he said, three “tips are 100% guaranteed to help you get the most bang for your buck, and reduce headaches.” I just couldn’t stop thinking, will they get me “a ranking in the top three”?

And I read “Ruud Questions: Mike Grehan.” Now, Ruud Hein questions were totally understandable. But Grehan’s answers….Is it just me, or does Grehan sound like he has a bit of a Newcastle accent?

Then, there was Garry Przyklenk’s “SES Toronto Pre-Show Interview: Janice Hatch, Google” and his “SES Toronto Pre-Show Interview: Julie Batten, Klick Communications.” I know what you’re thinking. These are two posts, but one blogger blogging. No, I’m not counting him twice.

I also read Marty Weintraub’s “Jeff Quipp Interview: SEO, Canada & Killer Coffee.” Although, I did have to head to Wiktionary to find out what “quintessential multifaceted search marketing agency owner” means. But, right next to the definition was Quipp’s photo, so Weintraub nailed it.

And I read the “Tara Hunt Interview: True Community Marketing” by Manny Rivas. See, two bloggers, but the same blog. So, things have a way of balancing out.

I had no problem understanding Shane Schick’s “What IT pros need to know about search engine strategies.” I learned to read Computerworld back in the 1980s when I worked at Data General, so the dialect of techie used by IT World Canada is easy to translate. A “data centre” is just a “data ceter,” right?

And I read Manoj Jasra’s post “SES Toronto 2009: Interview of Mitch Joel – Twist Image.” And the photo of Joel’s left eye even looks like his left eye.

I read Tami’s post, “Emanuel Rosen to Give Keynote at Search Engine Strategies Toronto,” so I know she is as interested as I am in reading the sequel to “The Anatomy of Buzz.”

Then I tried to read Patrick Landry’s post “Ressac Media au Search Engine Strategies (SES) Toronto 2009.” It’s in French. Now, I studied French back in high school, but I never learned words like “Whuffie”. So, I’ll need to brush up on my grandmother’s native language before I fly into Toronto next month. However, I had no trouble with the “Last Minute Interview with Tim Schigel CEO of ShareThis Live via Ustream.” Schigel is from Ohio, and I understand his midwestern dialect, even though I grew up in Michigan.

Speaking of French, Sarah Benmaza posted “SES Toronto 2009 – Entrevue avec Bryan Eisenberg.” I don’t know how she did it, but she got Eisenberg to speak slowly — so I was finally able to keep up with his train of thought which rockets along at Acela speed.

Christoph C. Cemper wrote about his “SEO Event Plans for 2009.” Hey, that’s in English. Although, Christoph has been to Rio, Berlin, New York City, Munich, Amsterdam, Hanover, and Seattle during the past few months, so obviously language isn’t a barrier for him.

I also enjoyed reading Evan Carmichael’s “New forum – online businesses!” Okay, okay, so technically this is a forum, not a blog. But his interview with Amanda Watlington looks sort of blogger-like — if you are a stickler for details. Besides, I was one short of a dozen, so I’m counting him.

There you have it, 12 bloggers blogging.

Now, all together, let’s sing the final chorus: “In the first month of summer, Toronto gave to me: 12 bloggers blogging, 11 tweeters tweeting, 10 speakers speaking, 9 Diggers digging, 8 searchers searching, 7 linkers linking, 6 vendors vending, 5 Google things, 4 conferences, 3 key trends, 2 journalists, and a ranking in the top three.”

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