YouTube Insight Now Downloadable, Plus Google Analytics for Brand Channels

Google has a couple of new releases for analytics features on YouTube. First up is the ability to download Insight from YouTube. Insight was initially launched last October and provides data on which parts of a video are most popular among viewers, how viewers discovered videos, geographic information, and when videos were most watched.

Next up is a bigger release. Google Analytics is now available for Brand Channels on YouTube. Brand Channels are YouTube channels for Google advertisers and they’re usually more fancy and have more features. From what I understand, advertisers are usually shelling upwards of $200,000 of advertising on Google in order to get the Brand Channel. It’s only fitting that they now have Analytics to track their video efforts.

Unlike Insight, Google Analytics for Brand Channels will provide full reporting as if the channel was their own full-fledged site. Brand Channel clients will be able to access such data points as

  • How long visitors stay
  • Repeat visits
  • Bounce rate
  • Page views per visitor

Additionally, geographic location and language will be able to be used to target specific audiences.

Perhaps these analytics features will help YouTube in the monetization department. If YouTube members with large and small marketing budgets are armed with better data on how to reach audiences on YouTube, they may be more likely to spend money on advertising on the site. This has been the greatest challenge YouTube has faced and perhaps arming people with data will provide momentum in YouTube advertising.

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