Twelve Twitter Tools, Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Twoubles

Andrew Goodman, the editor of Traffick, has posted “Is Guy Kawasaki Singlehandedly Ruining Twitter (Part 2).” Goodman takes a deeper look at the tactics could turn Twitter into a “digital trailer park.”

This prompted me to take a second look at what others in the search engine marketing industry have been saying about Twitter tools, tips, tricks, and techniques. And I found twelve video interviews conducted at SES London and SES New York this year that provide wide spectrum of divergent opinions.

Since there’s going to be a session on “The Ins and Outs of Twitter” at SES Toronto next month, I suspect we’ll add even more video interviews on the “Twouble with Twitters,” as SuperNews describes it.

So, sit back, relax, and watch “Twelve Twitter Tools, Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Twoubles.”

I interviewed Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Creative Director,, at SES London 2009. He says most companies are still not aware of just how important it is to monitor their reputation online. And he shares some tips about using Twitter, including the importance of featuring a high quality photo of yourself when tweeting.

Mikkel deMib Svendsen on reputation management at SES London 2009

I interviewed Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOMoz, about the future of SEO panel at SES London 2009. He says people are using more social elements and direct methods of getting information rather than using the traditional search engines. He says people today who want to converse or learn more about social media don’t use Google but use such applications as Facebook or Twitter.

Rand Fishkin, SEOMoz, on the future of SEO in 2009

I also interviewed David Naylor, Founder of Bronco Internet, about reputation management. He shares a few tips. He recommends using such social media tools as Twitter to monitor reputation of brands, products, company name.

David Naylor, CEO, Bronco Internet, on reputation management at SES London

I also interviewed Twitter lover Guy Kawasaki, author of the new book Reality Check and keynote speaker at SES New York 2009. He discusses the social media marketing potential of Twitter. For him, content is king of the hill.

Guy Kawasaki Tweets About Twitter Twits & his Reality Check at SES New York 2009

I also interviewed Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Vice President, Marketing, ExactTarget, about Kawasaki’s keynote on Twitter at SES New York 2009. Rohrs expresses concern that if Kawasaki’s use of Twitter were adopted by most Tweeters, it would create an avalanche of Twitter spam. Rohrs says one of the major concerns about Twitter is how the Twitterati benefit greatly from its expansion but at the cost of reducing it to strictly a marketing spam tool. He also shares his own newly coined Twitter term, “Twangst.”

Jeffrey K. Rohrs, ExactTarget, on Twitter spam at SES New York 2009

John Mulligan of SEO-PR interviewed Aaron Lazansky-Oliva of Sohnup Industries, who live-twittered at SES New York 2009. The two discuss social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and run through some of the best practices, tricks, and tips Aaron picked up as a first-timer at the conference.

Aaron Lazansky-Oliva Twitters and Tapes SES NY 2009

Mulligan also interviewed Eric Qualman, Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education, at SES New York 2009 about the future of search and social media. Qualman describes the future of search as a competition between the major search engines and the various new social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook. As a result, he says the value of social media will only help to improve search.

Erik Qualman, EF Education on the future of search and social media at SES New York 2009

Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Hollis Thomases, CEO of, about Twitter and its social media applications at SES NY 2009. Hollis discusses how Twitter can be used effectively for building customer relationships and brand reputation. She goes on to describe Whole Foods as a success story in how they use Twitter and then describes a “horror story” that happened to Exxon Mobile when their Twitter handle got hijacked. She recommends several key Twitter tools for young companies just starting out to build their Twitter presence.

Hollis Thomases, WebAdvantage, on Twitter and brand building at SES New York 2009

Gordon also interviewed Brian Cray of Nearby Tweets, who discusses his social networking utility, which brings together Twitter and local search functionality at SES New York 2009.

Nearby Tweets, Twitter Tool, Brings Local Search to Twitter at SES New York 2009

Gordon also interviewed Michael Evans of Talent Magazine, an entertainment and emerging alternative artists and media publication, at SES New York 2009. Evans sees the need for the entertainment market to focus more on in-home activities, especially in a down economy, in order to reach consumers more focused on saving money and tailoring their own private media experiences, especially with the potential of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to offer what Evans calls a StayCation.

Staycationing, Social Media, & the Economy: Talent Magazine at SES New York 2009

Gordon interviewed Bas van den Beld, founder of SearchCowboys, a European focused search website at SES New York 2009. Beld discusses the merits of Twitter and the future of search in tough economic times.

Bas van den Beld, founder, SearchCowboys, discusses highlights of SES New York 2009

Rebecca Lieb, eConsultancy, interviewed Michel Leconte, SEO Samba, about the value of integrating twitter into your analytics measurements to get more value out of your feeds.

Michel Leconte, CEO, SEO Samba, on RSS feeds and blog optimization at SES New York 2009

There you have it: Twelve Twitter Tools, Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Twoubles. Try saying that quickly three times at SES Toronto.

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