Yahoo! Expands Smart Ads Program with Tech Partnerships

Despite data that shows how search and display provide a higher ROI than either method alone, online marketers still sometimes have a hard time bringing themselves to purchase display ads. That’s because display ads, on their own, perform poorly when compared to search, which typically has a strong ROI.

Yahoo! is attempting to kill that myth with the expansion of their Smart Ads program. Currently, the Smart Ads is an open platform, but Yahoo! has struck partnerships with Teracent and Tumri to make the program available to PC and mobile advertisers.

Through Smart Ads, advertisers are able to create different ads for the same campaign, but target them to different demographics. If you’re advertising a product that reaches a wide audience, Smart Ads will be highly useful. The same messaging probably will not reach both a 22 year old recent college grad and a 50 year old who has watched his retirement fund go down in the recent recession.

As a result, it should come as no surprise to know that tests of the Smart Ad program are working. HP has already tested the program and saw results that were 20 times higher their normal display ad results.

With new technology partners providing the ability to a greater advertiser base, Smart Ads could become a very attractive option for those seeking to complement their search campaigns with a solid display advertising option.

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