Digg Removes ‘Shout’, ‘Blog This’ Features in Favor of Other Sharing Options

Digg is removing two sharing features from its lineup: the controversial ‘Shout’ feature and the not-used-so-much ‘Blog This’ feature. But you can still share content found on Digg.

The new (and also controversial) DiggBar enables email, Facebook and Twitter sharing. Digg also launched Twitter feeds a few months back, which means you can ReTweet links in order to share content as well.

The DiggBar launched last month, and it’s a toolbar that frames content instead of installing in your browser. As a result, DiggBar uses Digg URLs, which stirred up opposition from the SEO community.

Digg quickly responded by saying that it had talked with experts at search engines and promised that the DiggBar was SEO-friendly. But judging by the comments and blog posts out there, many SEOs were not convinced. Digg continues to work on SEO issues regarding the DiggBar, hoping that its tweaks will finally win SEOs over.

Many Digg members are notorious for disliking SEOs, as they feel they game Digg simply for linkbait. Of course, those same members often game the system themselves in order to win popularity and have more power on the social bookmarking site.

Digg seems to work diligently to strike balances and update Digg to make it friendly to a wide audience, but it’s a challenge indeed. Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook are growing rapidly, potentially threatening the impact Digg once enjoyed in the social networking niche – especially with their ability to share content.

These latest chess moves in the ability to share Digg content seem like an attempt to position the site more in line with the latest trends in content-sharing and social networking. It’s an ever-changing scene and there’s plenty of room for competition and collaboration.

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