Offers Instant Answers for NHL, NBA Playoff Games and Players

If your team wasn’t painfully swept in the playoffs last night, you might want to use to keep up with future playoff games. Typing in the name of a team or player will give you Instant Answers, a feature that Live Search has increasingly been expanding.

Right now the NHL and NBA playoffs are going on. Last night the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Eastern Conference finals, beating my Carolina Hurricanes. The only thing that makes this ok is if they go on to beat the Detroit Red Wings for the Stanley Cup. BUT, Detroit’s Western Conference playoffs are not over yet. They are up against the Chicago Blackhawks 3-1 and need just one more game to move on. Game 5 is tonight and if you’re away from your TV, you can check scores via and get an instant update on what’s going on.


Maybe you’re not away from your TV, but you’re watching the Denver-Los Angeles game in the NBA playoffs. That series is tied at 2 games each. Perhaps you’re interested in learning the stats of a particular player. Simply type that player’s name into and get Instant Answers stats.

This feature is a little trickier, however, since players don’t have unique names. For example, the Denver Nuggets Chris Anderson shares a name with a name with the editor-in-chief at Wired Magazine. No Instant Answers stats come up for his name.

Another Denver Nugget, J.R. Smith, shares a name with a plumbing products company. His Instant Answers stats show up after the first organic link for that company.


For the majority of names, the Instant Answers stats works just fine. It’s a great feature for sports junkies who want to look up stats on the fly.

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