All Things Bing: A Roundup of Reaction to Microsoft’s Big News

The long-awaited unveiling of Microsoft’s new search product finally came today at the D7 conference. Wall Street reacted positively with a 2.11% increase on MSFT, higher than the DJIA of 0.67%. Here’s how the media and blogosphere reacted:

First, here’s a summary of Steve Ballmer’s appearance at the D7 conference.
From the Live Search blog: The sound of found: Bing!
The Official Press Release

5 Things I Want to Know About Bing – PC World
Microsoft’s Bing: Powerset’s role, market share, brand (and other burning questions)
Microsoft Reveals Its New Search Engine [Video] – Mashable
To Bing or not to Bing? Hands on with Microsoft’s new search – Ars Technica
Hands On with Microsoft’s Bing Search – PC Mag
Microsoft’s Lu on Bing Search: ‘A First Step’ – Business Week
What Has to Happen for Bing to Win – AdAge
Bloodied By Google, Microsoft Tries Again on Search – NY Time
Confirmed: Microsoft’s New Search Engine is Called ‘Bing,’ Opens June 3rd – Gizmodo
Bing it on: Microsoft overhauls search, again

Interestingly enough, the best source for Bing news was searching Twitter.

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