Google Adds Nearest Intersection to GOOG-411

If you’ve ever called an information service, you know you can get an address and a phone number. And, of course, many times you can get patched through instead of having to remember the phone number. But simply getting an address isn’t necessarily helpful.

Now, GOOG-411 is offering up nearest intersection to help people find their way. You can imagine how this would be useful if the address given was on a long road. For some, it also might be easier to remember an intersection than a specific address.

For example, here in Raleigh, if I were to get the address of a business on Glenwood Avenue, it would make a big difference if the nearest intersection was Glenwood/Peace Street as opposed to Glenwood/Brier Creek Parkway. It would be a 20-45 minute difference depending on traffic.

Also, businesses closer to the Glenwood/Brier Creek end of things would have a higher number address, which could potentially be more difficult to remember than the ones near Peace Street, where Glenwood begins.

What do you think of this update? Let us know in the comments.

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