YouTube Optimizes for Large Screen Viewing

If you like watching YouTube videos in full screen or on your TV, you now have a new option: YouTube XL. Like finally admitting you need to go up a size in your wardrobe, YouTube XL is a good fit for larger screens.

The text is larger. There’s a dark background. If you look at it from your desktop, you’ll think YouTube was inspired by a phone with large buttons – you know the one your grandma has sitting in her living room. (This wouldn’t be a bad idea, of course. As we know, granny is all up in the YouTube.)


You can still search as well as view by top rated or most viewed. There’s also a continuous play mode where you can just keep streaming vids in a given topic. Some of you, depending on your set up, will even be able to control your YouTube XL via Bluetooth remote control or mobile apps.

Check out YouTube XL and then let us know your first impressions in the comments.

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