More Google Updates Than You Can Shake a Stick At

I don’t know if Google is trying to distract you from Bing’s launch or if it’s just that they’re just this huge of a company (or more likely both), but they’ve released a ton of updates on many of their products this week. Today alone, there are 11 updates. Normally, I like to try and give each one a single post, but I don’t have that kind of time! So, here they are in consolidated form:

Webmaster Central released a tool called Page Speed which works in conjunction with the Firefox extension Firebug to give suggestions for improving loading time.

Google Analytics is now offering Event Tracking for all accounts.

Chrome, Google’s web browser has been released in alpha (that’s right, pre-beta) for the Mac. It’s definitely not ready for primetime, folks. They’re looking for developer feedback on it.

Google Maps improved Street Navigation by allowing double-clicks (the action, not the ad network) to access Street View.

Google Friend Connect has four updates to help developers create widget for the social networking feature.

Google Search, Maps and YouTube are built into the hot new mobile device, Palm Pre.

Android has released Activity and Task Design Guidelines.

YouTube debuted a new political debate tool called Google Moderator, which was recently used in a Virginia gubernatorial democratic primary debate.

Sony has joined VEVO, the online music video project initiated by Universal and YouTube.

An orkut mobile app has been released that should work on most Java-enabled devices.

Picasa Web Albums are now faster without sacrificing image size.

What do you think of all these updates? Which ones get you most excited? Let us know in the comments.

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