Facebook Launches New Payment Terms; Begins Phasing Out Regional Networks

Facebook has launched new Payment Terms to cover purchases made on the social network. Purchases are made to purchase items in the Facebook Gift Shop as well as advertising on Facebook. The Facebook site itself, of course, is free.

The major change in the Payment Terms is the consolidation of payments for Facebook Gift Shop and advertising. Previously, there were two separate methods.

Meanwhile, Facebook is beginning to phase out regional networks. When you’re signed into network, it will show which networks you belong to. You usually belong to a school network and possibly a company-based network if you’re company is large enough. Facebook also places you in a location-based network. Many of these are so large, they’re pointless. For example, I’m in the Raleigh-Durham network, but there’s a million people in the area and so it’s not so useful for actual networking.

The first phase-out involves the removal of regional networks in your privacy settings and removing regional networks as filters in your News Feed has already occurred. In the next few weeks, the regional option for groups and events will be removed as well. Administrators will see a notification of the change at the top of the pages they manage.

How do you feel about these Facebook updates? Let us know in the comments.

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